Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lion Cap On and Fluo Attack!

I don't really know how old Unicorn Kid or Talk To Animals are. I could probably be their schooteacher, or stared at them with awe and jealousy, wondering where the hell I was all these years. Or they could be some hipster kids, judging from Unicorn Kid's presence in Vice Style. Talk To Animals' Myspace page and a general abundance of social media she's on, she's a total tween! Just look at this:

and she looks like this!

And she tweets nonstop on how she misses unicornkid. Emo kid romance?
It can't be a bad thing though. I personally prefer Unicorn Kid's remix to the original version. It sounds as if Crystal Castles were fronted by Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino. Enjoy, and keep wishing you were as cool as these kids.

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  1. more of this crazy tween figure! Aimee Bowen. 20, started when she was 16. Man kids are cool these days. Not surprised to find out she's played with Covox